Important points from Raj Thackeray’s April 13 press conference

Raj Thackeray press conference

Raj Thackeray on 13th april press conferrence

On Saturday, April 13, MNS president Raj Thackeray held a press conference after holding a meeting with the office-bearers of the party. The important points of this journalist are as follows.

Raj Thackeray press conference

During 2014-2019, my criticism of the Narendra Modi government was not a personal criticism but a criticism of issues. And I also appreciated the good things done by Modi’s government in the last 5 years.

Raj Thackeray on article 370

I also appreciated the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir and the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya. We don’t want to build a nation on the basis of religion, but from 1992 till 2024, the Ram temple was standing, I am sure that it is standing in 2024 and I appreciate it.

During the agitation of 1992, people saw the scene of bullets being fired at the car servants, corpses of the car servants floating in the river Sharyu on TV. That scene was very irritating. Car servants sacrificed their lives for this Ram temple. So I am very happy that the temple is standing after so many sacrifices. And one more thing says that even though the decision of Ram temple was given by the Supreme Court, if Narendra Modi was not the Prime Minister then the Ram temple would not have stood.

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Raj thackeray on nrc

Raj thackeray on nrc

Be it the issue of NRC, be it the issue of Article 370 or the issue of Ram Temple, if Narendra Modi was not the Prime Minister, these issues would have remained pending. So I have called Modi several times and personally congratulated him for his good work. So, if there are still some good things to be done, when there is an option of harsh leadership on one side and a capable leadership on the other, I thought that the capable leadership of Narendra Modi should get another chance and from that our party decided to support Narendra Modi.

We have some demands from our Narendra Modi for Maharashtra. From giving elite status to Marathi language to conservation of forts in Maharashtra and also as I said in the meeting, efforts should be made to provide better education and employment opportunities to the youth. And all states should get equal treatment.

Raj Thackeray on bjp-mns alliance

Raj thackeray news

The list of BJP-Shiv Sena-NCP candidates who they want to contact in our party regarding campaigning will soon be communicated by the party to the concerned parties, they should contact them only. And to my colleagues, these candidates must be treated with respect.

raj thackeray full press conference

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